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Santorini, Greece! On my bucket list!
Santorini, Greece! On my bucket list!

You know what? I think  travel is an obligation! I feel like God created so much beauty and has expressed different facets of Himself all over creation. And you know how it is when you create something beautiful and you want people to see and appreciate it?!  I feel like I must see God’s handiwork and marvel at His great beauty. And I feel that when I do, it pleases Him greatly!!!

LOL! That’s my story and I am sticking to it! I love to travel! I love new places, new smells, a different kind of architecture, meeting new people and learning their ways, how we are different yet the same! I love the thrill of discovery and the curiosity that makes you willingly give up sleep! A photo of the sea sets my heart yearning… 

Are you like that as well? If you are, enjoy my travel pages and share some of yours by guest blogging here! Send me an email at hajelsblogs@gmail.com for guidelines!
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2 thoughts on “TRAVEL: EVERYWHERE ONCE!!!

  1. I have wanderlust too! I once watched , with a friend, a report on Al-Qaeda in the mountains of Afghanistan. I said to my friend, wow look at the views, I would love to visit there. My friend said I was crazy 🙂

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