This tree is on the path of my morning walk. I remember seeing it a few months ago and taking the photo on the right. I was fascinated by its “barrenness” and even wondered why it hadn’t been cut down! After all, it bore no fruit, had no flowers… It was unproductive!

Today as I walked past the tree, I stopped in my tracks! It was resplendent, with beautiful red flowers and green leaves everywhere. I actually wondered if it was the same tree that I thought should be uprooted for being unproductive! And it made me think of you!

How many times do we cut down our “trees” before their seasons arrive? Give up on that marriage because it’s not working now! Give up on that child? Declare that person “good for nothing” when all that’s needed is patience? Knowing that it’s for a season and realising that if you “water” and nurture it when it looks barren, one day, in its own season, it will produce resplendent beauty!
I don’t know who this is for, I think it’s mainly for me but I encourage you to “hold the dream”, to believe again, to do the work it takes and believe for the best outcome! Don’t cut down that “tree” (whatever “tree” represents for you), in its season, it will bear good fruit!
And you know what? For some of you, you are that tree that you need to preserve! Stop the negativity, stop telling yourself that you are not good enough! Are you a “fish” judging yourself by your inability to fly? Find your own unique strengths, work to improve where necessary and then give yourself time and permission to grow!

In your season, YOU WILL BLOOM!