Smash that Alarm!


How many alarm clocks will I smash in this life time? Sigh!

And why must they be so efficient anyway?

Just when I get to the sweetest part of my sleep or my dream

Or both!

I hear the sounds, see the lights!

Annoyingly enthusiastic in its mission to wake me up!

Longer sigh!

As I grudgingly get out of bed and pick up the pieces

The pieces of my now broken clock

I huff and I puff and complain about my over-scheduled life!

And how I have to buy another clock…

” Hang on a minute” says the voice in my head

“Put the alarm in a mortuary and see how many people get out of “bed”

With that startling realisation I am suddenly thankful

No more sighs, no more hisses, no more taking out my anger on my beautiful red clocks

The alarm is only able to get me out of bed

Because there is still life in me!

And for that, and every other time something can wake me up

I will stay eternally thankful!