I don’t know this me, but I’m really pleased to meet her!

This me that buys celery, broccoli and asparagus.

This me that buys them and actually eats them.

This me that thinks about my food and wonders what it’ll do in and to my body before I eat them.

I don’t know this me! This me that craves exercise, that has a shopping list with items like walking shoes and supportive underwear.

This me that suddenly loves the rainy season in Lagos because it means the weather is good for a long walk, even a run…

This me that doesn’t mind rain in her hair because after all, the hair will dry…

I don’t know this me, but I’m happy to be introduced to her!

She is a fighter this one!

She’s determined to win the war on debilitating migraines by changing what she feeds her body, changing how she uses her body!

This me, won’t roll over and accept the status quo!

I don’t know this me, I have questions of her; will she be consistent? Is she here to stay? Will she win with me? Will we do what it takes?

I don’t know this me but I am sooooo pleased to make her acquaintance.

I don’t know this me but it is safe to say, I really like the woman I’m becoming!