Power has changed hands! I can’t help but feel a need to pray for this new dispensation. The weight of our collective expectation must be great. I pray that this new administration reigns with wisdom. That they hear the whisper of God for this nation and surround themselves with great advisors! That they deal with the root causes of Nigeria’s issues not just the effects, so that they bring lasting change. I pray for peace, for discipline, for infrastructure, for policies that are well thought out and well implemented. For a society that thrives and in which everyone regardless of background or economic ability, has equal opportunity (based on merit) to thrive! Nigeria is blessed with everything good! She can and will thrive again! #GodblessNigeria #ifithastobeitsuptous #Nigeriawillthrive! #Nigeria2015

Yours truly on my way out to a quick meeting (LOL, even today), I just had to wear green , I’m overwhelmed by the feeling of patriotism and hope that today represents!


Have an awesome weekend everyone! Whatever your political affiliations let us now look to make Nigeria thrive again. Create a national path that we will be proud to leave to our children, a nation whose future inhabitants will be thankful we lived! Oh, I have a dream for Nigeria! I’m sure you do too, this is the time to birth those dreams by being the change this country needs!