The Island of Burano, Italy. All photos in this post are courtesy Google images.

I have wanderlust! My desire to travel is not founded on anything else but travel itself. It’s something I almost feel entitled to, like the world belongs to my Father and by travelling I see more of Him and His expression. I saw something recently that resonated with me, it was in one of the Chronicles of Narnia stories by C.S Lewis, a character said “I dream of Narnia, a place I’ve never been but which I long for”. That’s how I feel when a destination starts to call. This year, Italy calls me, I dream of Italy, enjoy the photos below and allow Italy tug at your heart-strings too!

I dream of the small colourful Island of Burano:

Burano is a small Island near Venice in Northern Italy. It is known for its brightly coloured houses and beautiful canals… I imagine I would take a day trip to Burano from Venice, drive down in the morning, enjoy the ride there, sample the local cuisine, buy some handmade Burano Lace for my home, take loads of pictures and just soak in the scenery.

Colourful houses in Burano.
Colourful houses in Burano.



I dream of the Amalfi Coast:

Oh! How can one not dream of the Amalfi Coast? A place so beautiful that it’s almost fragile! A UN World Heritage site, meaning even the UN thinks we all should see it. Isn’t that a good enough excuse to go? When hubby asks me to justify the cost, I think I’ll just say, “it’s the UN, they asked us to go and visit”, not sure that’ll work but hey, it’s better than “the Amalfi Coast is calling me and I feel compelled to answer.” What do you think?



ITALY / Campania / Costiera Amalfitana / Positano / Hotel Le Sirenuse ( right ) and the village
ITALY / Campania / Costiera Amalfitana / Positano / Hotel Le Sirenuse ( right ) and the village

I dream of Rome:

Apart from the fact that I really love Pope Francis and would love to see him, I imagine that visiting Rome and the Vatican must give one a sense of timelessness. Being immersed in rich history, being part of the throng of humanity that has embarked on the same pilgrimage that you are on…




Of course I’ll visit Milan and Florence, buy beautiful leather goods and high fashion but that will be a different trip. On this trip I’ll  just enjoy the call of Italy, kiss my loved one on a moonlit gondola ride through Venice, eat pasta and red wine, dance under the moonlight in a large ruffled skirt, enjoy the wind in my hair as I sail on the coast of Amalfi, just really live… Lol! As you can see, I dream of Italy, I hope I have made you dream with me.

Where do you want to go next? Dream, plan (set aside money monthly) and then go make it happen.  Let’s enjoy creation and the dazzling diversity of it all! Stay awesome today.

*All photos in this post are courtesy Google images, can’t wait to go and share my less perfect iPhone photos with you, because they will be mine! They’ll mean I have visited. That thought excites me no end!