Hello you! I haven’t written a post in 10 days and I must say I have missed talking to you! A lot of new things brewing, I’ll tell you all about them on another day. Today, I just wanted to share this quote with you:


And to ask, “what are you thinking?” If you look at your present circumstances whether at work, in your relationships, your health or finances, and realise that they are all in the state that they are (whether negative or positive) as a result of your thoughts, then you also realise that you are in a position to change and improve them also by the way you think.

One way I have found to change my thoughts is to change what I’m hearing and listening to. Whether it’s by reading or re-reading great books like ” Success Principles” by Jack Canfield, reading biographies of people who have thrived in difficult circumstances and getting into the psyche of what it takes to be that kind of person, or seeking out a mentor or wise friend to help me see whatever the issue is from a different perspective, I find that my thinking is affected by what I am listening to.

New things… Photos taken at Asokoro Gardens, Abuja

As we go into the new week, I urge you to get conscious about your thoughts. When confronted with any part of your circumstances that you don’t like, ask yourself  “who have I been that has allowed such a circumstance persist?” And then ask “how can I change it?” Make sure when you answer “how can I change it, that your focus is on changing you, you may not be able to change another person, the weather or the economy but you can change YOUR reaction to them.

I urge you to think better thoughts, ask better questions of yourself. Consider all of today’s actions in light of later consequences. Create the life you want by thinking and then acting in a manner that’s consistent with getting that life. Remember that “as a man thinks in his heart, so he is” and “the one that thinks he can and the one who thinks he can’t are both right!”

Stay awesome this week! And if you are in Nigeria and haven’t picked up your PVC so that you can vote in February,  please do so!