I have come to the conclusion that you mainly see what you want to see or more appropriately, that you see as you are. There’s a story that I always tell myself when it comes to perspective, you may have heard it before, it’s the story of a village that had 2 visitors come in on the same day but at different times. One got into the village with his son and donkey, smiled at the first person he saw, asked for water, the person smiled back and gave him, as they were talking, he noticed something wrong with the villager’s shoes, offered to fix it, he fixed it so well the villager gave him a tip and told people about him. So the visitor who was passing through, got requests to fix a number of shoes, he did what he could with a smile on his face, got goods and money in return and left the village.

A Second villager came into the village with his donkey and son and looked around. Everywhere he looked, he noticed people frowned at him and paid him no mind. He got to the public well, filled his bottles up quickly and left the village.

Coincidentally, both visitors to the village later recounted their experience and impression of the village to the same gentleman. The first visitor said  “oh everyone in that village is friendly and generous, they give of themselves and what they have”, the second visitor said “huh? Are we talking about the same village? I found them harsh and unfriendly, I never want to go back there”. To which the gentleman said, “you are both right. The difference between the village you experienced and the village he experienced, is the personality of the person experiencing it. So you smiled and they smiled back! You frowned and they frowned back”…

LOL, why did I tell that long story? It was to say that you generally find what you are looking for and in 2014, I found inspiration almost everywhere I looked and in honour of 2014, I wanted to share 14 inspiring thoughts I found on Facebook and BlackBerry dps. Enjoy:



I liked this one, especially the part about choosing it everyday because everyday comes with its own reasons why not. But if we commit to joy, enthusiasm and loving life today, we will thrive.


This spoke to me. Don’t agree with the naysayers, don’t agree with those who say it can’t be done, everything was once impossible, till it got done! So if the impulse is to soar, to be great, please be great don’t “consent” to creep because your peers, family or those familiar with your past say “who are you to soar?”


I happily embrace the blessing here. I remember as a child, I always used to complain to my dad that I didn’t fit in anywhere, I liked books, was a tomboy, hated fashion, didn’t like boys and knew all the names of star formations… He used to say I was just great because Eagles never flocked, they soared! And I believed him. Bless his heart.



You can say that again!


I am thoroughly convinced that you are only successful if you have success as you define it. Earning millions on a 60 hour work week, where I don’t get a chance to write or spend time with family, may look outwardly like success but will feel like failure to me. Define success for yourself!


I love this. Like the story above illustrates, gratitude and your perspective/interpretation of the meaning of events that occur to or around you are totally up to you. I can tell you for a fact, if you have a device, Internet access, strength and the ability to read (like you are doing now), someone is praying to have your problems.




There were times in 2014 where this was the only thought that kept me going, when I suffered sinus headaches, terrible migraines, the company I was working with suddenly leaving Nigeria, what kept me was “God is doing something with all this”, it will be part of a beautiful story soon and having crossed all those bridges, I can say for a fact that God is Great and God is good!



May we be of the ones who say “I’m glad I did”, I would rather say I tried and failed, and learnt something from the failure, than “I wish I had”.





There’s a song that keeps playing in my head. It’s called “Generations” by Sarah Grooves, it says, “remind me of this, with every decision, generations, will reap what I sow. I can pass on a curse or a blessing, to those I may never know”. Friend, in 2015, make your choices with this in mind, when you are tempted to cheat on your spouse, to steal from work, to indulge in too much alcohol, remember, the choice is yours to exercise but the intended and unintended consequences, you have no ability to control!


Shalom! Do I have more than 14 up there? Let’s just say I am feeling generous! Ciao, stay awesome. Attack 2015 with enthusiasm!