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I just had to share this! My little one wants a Nintendo 3DS for Christmas and because he’s now 7, we have started teaching him to earn his own money, save and buy the occasional item for himself (besides, it won’t be long before he finds out about Santa, better to prepare him for the real world). So, when he started on the 3DS issue, we sat down and did the calculations, to get the 3DS he needs almost N21,000 before Christmas and to get the 2DS, he needs to have made N11,000 by Christmas!

He earns between N75 (for clearing up dishes and cleaning the table) and N100 for bigger chores. He also earns something when he reads and storybook and writes an essay about it, amongst other things…

Anyhow, we had the conversation about the Nintendo DS 2 days ago and today, I had a lot of house work to do. I noticed he was helping out a lot and asking for more to do. At some point, I say “I’m really tired and have to go out soon!” Next thing I hear is “why Mummy?! I feel workey!” I laughed a lot! First it’s a positive whine (my very first encounter with that). More importantly, I saw why he felt “workey”! He has a goal! Every chore he does adds to achieving that goal, so of course, he felt “workey”!

I wanted to share that with you and to ask what goals you have set. That’s what having a firm and compelling goal does for you, it energizes you, keeps you on track and helps you decide what steps you must take to achieve the goal. Whether it’s to fit into that dress, buy that car, open that business, setting your goals; what (specific), how (what actions do I need to take), when (by what time), gives you the clarity and focus it takes to achieve them.

I decided a long time ago, that I wanted to have a certain quality of life that allowed me travel the world and do work that is important and congruent with my purpose. So right now, I feel “workey” as well! Must rush out to a meeting and close that deal! What makes you feel “workey” this week? Where should you feel more “workey”- where should you set higher goals, want/achieve more? Think about it and don’t forget to be awesome this week!