We get to do karate, even on our birthday!
We get to do karate, even on our birthday!

You turn 7 today! Yaay!
Son, you have been a different gift at every age!
From 0-1 you were that gift that filled me with wonder
And with fear…
I had to learn new skills like interpreting “cry-language”
This cry means hungry
That cry means soiled nappy and the other cry-
Well it was just for the heck of it!
I had to learn which smile was a real smile and which was just you contributing to the gaseous composition of the world!

From 1-2 you were that gift that heightened all my senses
I had to learn to restrain myself when you practiced your new skill of walking and falling
Not to run to your rescue and stop you from learning
Then you started to speak- we even had a little incident of “na me be that”…
Oh and your dainty mama had loads of dainty stuff in the house
You promptly broke my flower pots, porcelain dolls…
And taught me to baby proof

From 2-3 you were an explosion of words
An explosion of thoughts and from very early on
You wanted to be your own man
I had to remind you often, that for now, you were a little man in a big world…
You started school that year
I remember crying as I took you to class for the first time
I also remember how you just ran in and started playing with the other kids
And your teachers labeled me ‘the cry mummy’ because I promptly bawled!

Fist bumping with dad at the Notre Dame
Fist bumping with dad at the Notre Dame

From 3-5, you became mummy’s little helper
And daddy’s best friend!
You both played, fought and arm wrestled!
You at 5 with a man 6 foot tall!
And you always won!
Son, you became the gift that was also a super hero
And you liked TV too- ‘Power Rangers’ with all the scary nylocks
‘Kickin it’ because you thought you could
And ‘Lab Rats’, well, because who doesn’t love Leo?
You also won an award for being the best reader in your class
That made writer-mummy really proud!

At 6, you took up karate
And our vocabulary at home changed
I heard “os” “barips” and “eienshudder” (whatever those mean)
You practiced the kata and used me to practice blocking
You got your yellow belt and you showed off a lot!
You are a gift that keeps on giving
You have brilliant conversations
About getting scholarships to Harvard, MIT and Yale and choosing one
I love that convo! I must have sold you on it

At 6, you wrestle with and tickle dad
And you still win!
You like salads but hate vegetables (I hope you don’t find out that truth for a while)
Daddy calls you Captain Smell-a-lot
I wonder why, when your sweat smells like Gucci Rush
But then your favorite books are the Captain Under-pants series
So maybe he has a point!

Today Mum & Dad took up karate
And it’s because at 7, you inspire us all
Mummy and daddy love you loads…
We’ll celebrate you at 70
People that don’t know you will thank God you were born
You’ll be a world changer
A positive influence
And do us and God proud
Happy 7th birthday my very own sugar pie and honey bunch!

Mummy's attempt at a creative breakfast
Mummy’s attempt at a creative  birthday breakfast