Thanks to a good friend who “sees” the child in me, I got a chance to enjoy the Universal Studios park in Los Angeles! I loved it so much, I skipped around almost all day and was so delighted, I had to share some photos with you! Enjoy:


Of course we had to take a picture with the Minions! I am not sure who loves “Despicable Me” more, me or my little ones.



Shrek and Donkey!



We went on the Universal Studios train tour! It was amazing. We got to see how special effects were made, whole communities created… Amazing stuff


Some cars are just as iconic as the movie stars. Here we see one of the cars used in “Fast & Furious 6”


The lab used in the Jurassic Park movies


This “pond” (which is not showing- bad angle- sorry) is usually used in movies to represent Central Park in New York


Look at that special effect- showing us how floods and rain are created in movies. The first picture is the street as water trickles down, in the second its flowing more, in the last, it’s a full-fledged flood.


Same for this picture- we were in what looked liked an underground train station and a flood was simulated, it starts small, grew larger, then if you look at the picture on the side, a train ran into us! I am a real scaredy cat. So though this was great for everyone, I spent a great amount of time screaming! I could feel a few cold stares from people in my carriage


The Revenge of the Mummies ride, with the “mummies” welcoming/scaring people in


Megaton entertained us with great commentary and poses


The Blues Brothers show… I got to “do the twist” with them on stage


The scene for “War of the Worlds”, Tom Cruise. Fantastic! That whole villages are built and persevered for the movies


The crashed plane from “War of the Worlds”


Villages created for Western’s…


We enjoyed the “animal shows”, in this picture, a member of the audience was asked to volunteer and stretch out his hand with a dollar in it. This guy stood up stretched out his hand and the parrot flew right to it and grabbed the dollar! LOL!


On the way to the Transformers Ride… This was absolute fun


Our war plan on the way to fight the battle with Megatron! Go Transformers!


There you have it. We had an absolutely brilliant day, I hope you enjoyed the photos. My absolute favorite things were the Transformers ride and the Special Effects Show. Absolutely mind-blowing. I enjoyed my day at Universal Studios, it’s nice to kickback, relax and play.

 Have a beautiful week.