Thoughts running through my head Photo courtesy
Thoughts running through my head
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Pardon me already. This blog post is going to be different. It’ll probably get to a depth of authenticity that I am not even sure I am willing to share yet, but let’s see. So it’s the new year and I’ve written 2 posts already- one about my time in Casa del Papa where I reflected and planned my 2014. I also wrote my yearly re-cap. Those 2 posts have created a situation that has surprised me- in the past week, I have received about 10 calls and emails from friends who read the posts saying different things but with similar messages. One said “I gave up on making resolutions and setting goals jo, I don’t want to give myself another thing to fail at”. Another said “how do you even know you will do it, life happens!” One said, “I can only take it one step at a time. If I think of it all, I will be filled with fear!”

WOW! All of these people shared it with me as though, I don’t feel the same way too. As though I or anyone else in this world has it all figured out. To the best of my knowledge, no one does. And that is a great thing! We do not have to have it all figured out! It is because of that, that I share my actual journal entry of the 5th of January 2014:

Journal Entry- 5th January 2014
Journal Entry- 5th January 2014

Let me start by saying every day is a gift, every day is a new opportunity to re-set, for a fresh start. So while a new year gives you a fresh canvass to paint on, the fact that you didn’t get it done, didn’t plan it, didn’t do it on the first day of the year or in the first week is not reason to feel pressure. Having said that, the fact that you set goals and write out your plans by itself does not mean they will happen. You need to put the work in. You need to learn, equip yourself and most importantly, you need to TAKE ACTION, without intelligent action, your dreams are just that! Dreams! Your resolutions are just that, resolutions! You make them this year and re-make them next year till you get tired of making them, because resolutions don’t fulfill themselves.

Now back to the questions I got. I felt the need to do this post because I asked myself similar questions. I had written out my goals in the different areas of my life- goals for work, goals on my finances, my spiritual goals, goals relating to health and fitness, goals (and costs) relating to personal development, social goals and goals relating to my family (per Zig Ziglar’s Wheel of Life).  And after setting my goals, looking at my finances, thinking about the nation I’m in, my major thought was HOW? HOW ON EARTH CAN I HOPE FOR THESE? Sometimes, it is the audacity of my dreams that scare me, I’ll ask “who do you know that has done this thing you are trying to do?” But do you know what I tell myself?

I tell myself that my success was God’s idea! That the Creator of the Universe says He wants me to prosper and be in health, even as my soul prospers (3rd John 1:2) and I know that the prosperity of my soul is not as a result of what I have done to make it prosper, it’s because of a grace and mercy that I could not have earned (Philippians 3:9). I constantly believe that only the best will happen to me and that all of creation is falling over itself to favour me and you know why? Because I rely on the One who can give me better than I can think or imagine! (Ephesians 3:20). The One who came that we may have life and have it more abundantly!  I love that! More abundantly! Abundant means “existing or available in large quantities, plentiful”, so more plentifully! LOL, but when I put it like that, it puts things in perspective for me. What is it that I want, that the One who created the earth and its fullness thereof cannot provide? The One who spoke a Word and the whole world was created and He has not said stop, so the world keeps going! (Psalm 33:6-9). When I am afraid, I think that when my enemies surround me, God surrounds them and that, they that are for me are greater than they that are against me. (2nd Kings 6:16).

I could go on and on but I am sure you catch my drift and that you are encouraged! I am not afraid to dream, share my dreams and work towards achieving them. I am not afraid to pursue or create the life I want because I am assured that with God nothing shall be impossible! That He gives me the power to make wealth and strengthens my arm for war (the grind of life)! That He surrounds me as the mountains surround Jerusalem. That Jehovah neither slumbers or sleeps, just so that I can happily, joyfully sleep, knowing He has my back!


I want to end by balancing this out, when the Bible says He gives us power to MAKE wealth, MAKE, is an active word! It involves you doing your part. Setting your hands to the work. When Jesus was going to raise Lazarus, He asked that they roll the stone away and I often wondered “if He could call a soul out of death and bring it back to life, why didn’t He just roll the stone too or cause a great shaking to happen and the stone will roll itself away?” Why did He ask humans to move the stone. Or why does He say, SAY to the mountain “be thou removed” why does He require our participation? Because YOU have to want it! It’s a co-collaboration. Your faith is expressed in your faithful action– when you dream of a harvest, you show faith- you participate, by planting and watering when you cannot see anything… That is your ACTION.

So in 2014, when you feel you are not enough or if you are like me, it is not a feeling, you KNOW for sure you are not enough! Just look deeper and you will see that you have the One who is more than enough, that the One who is more than enough deposited His breath in you and because of that, you carry eternity! You carry grace and you certainly are MUCH MORE THAN ENOUGH and are released to live a life that is exceeding abundantly!

I had to share this at the beginning of 2014, because I would not be fair to you, if I did not  tell you that there is a place of rest, a place of completion, a place to soar. A place where every fall is accompanied with an assurance that in the end you will win, if you stay diligent. I wanted you to know that creation is truly falling over itself to do you good! Now go create!

Be awesome this week!