The Success Principles by Jack Canfield (My give-away book)!
The Success Principles by Jack Canfield (My give-away book)!

It’s my birthday today! Yay! Anyhow, I wanted to do something a little different, I wanted to give rather than just take on my birthday! Not that there is anything wrong with taking but it’s just nice to do something for someone else no matter how little it is!

And what better for me to share than a book which has played a vital role in my life! It’s my next most important and most read book after my Bible, I read this book at least once every year and each time I read it, it teaches me something new, helps me develop new strategies and enlightens me all the more! It contains practical strategies to achieving your goals and visions. Helps you get from idea to actualization but more importantly it helps you engage with you; confront your fears, your roadblocks, your limiting beliefs which you probably don’t recognise and a whole lot more! Drum roll please, the book I describe above is none other than the Success Principles by Jack Canfield! (Guess the photo above gives it away).

So I am giving away 5 copies of the Success Principles as a birthday gift from me to you, conditions for getting it are:
1. That you live in Lagos or have a Lagos address (please also leave your email address when filling out your comments so I can contact you to get your address. Sorry I can’t do outside Lagos for now).
2. That you post a comment below stating something you’ve learnt from my blog and how you are engaging with or applying it to your everyday life; and
3. That you will actually engage with the book, it’s a great book and I truly believe that if you read it through to the end, apply it to your life and take action, it’ll make a huge difference to the quality of life you’ll lead but more importantly, you will grow tremendously as you journey with and apply the ideas in it.

I have also signed them for you.



Lol, I know you are thinking I probably have something to gain and that I’m marketing Jack Canfield too much. But really I have nothing to gain (bought the books with my money, they were not given to me). I have probably given out over 20 copies of this book over the past 2 years because I think it is a great and empowering resource! And maybe that’s what I have to gain! An empowered you and an empowered me, who go on to empower others/create industry/think differently, make Nigeria a greater place, one person at a time!

God bless you and thanks for stopping by my blog today! May I ask that you be awesome today? You do have ALL that the greatest of men have had- the same 2 eyes, 2 hands, 2 feet, if one person can do it, you can! Be awesome this week!