home 2



They showed me a dream

A beautiful house by the brook

The sound of rushing water

Like an audible caress

Waking me up in the morning

They showed me the lush gardens

Green mazes stretching before my eyes

They showed me sprawling country sides

And then they showed me the tittle deed

It had my name on it

And I said “but…”




They showed me a young lady

Beautiful to look at



Loving and loved

I saw her

She woke with a smile on her face

Walked with a spring in her step

And had a song on her lips

They showed me her picture

It looked like me

And I said “but…”




They showed me this high-flying lady

Gucci this, Fendi that

Private jet

CEO of a Fortune 500 company

I saw her life

Saw how she used fame and fortune

To create an avalanche of change

Children were fed

Infant mortality reduced

Women and men empowered anew

I even felt her contentment

It felt like mine!

Then I said “but…”

female priest


This morning I officiated at a burial

It was a mass burial

“But” died

“But I’m not good enough”

“But I am not pretty enough”

“But such things don’t happen to me”

“But it has never happened in my family or my nation”

“But how?”

“But why?”

All the “Buts” died

And today, I gave myself wings

So I can fly


Into the tomorrow I see!


I tried a new  format with my poem, by putting pictures to depict the theme of each paragraph. Let me know what you think. Did it work for you or not? And why? I got the photos from:

1. Home-www.wakpaper.com

2. The beautiful lady- http://www.clutchmagonline.com

3. The private jet- http://www.trendzona.com


4. the Lady Priest- http://www.thetelegraph.co.uk