I took this picture in Marne-La-Vallee, France. It was such a beautiful place, I could see myself walking down this road and coming up with great insights…

Today, like many other days I woke up with purpose on my mind. I woke up thinking “what on earth am I here for?” and “am I working and walking towards it?” “Am I letting my life count beyond me? Or is it me-me-me!” Sometimes I don’t have all the answers, but I know these are questions you probably ask yourself as well, you wonder where you fit-in in the grand scheme of things. What you were put on earth to change and contribute? You wonder if you’ll make an impact or not, and sometimes you even wonder where to start. I know, I’ve been in that place before, in fact, in a lot of ways I still walk that path because once you think you know and have mastered one level, a whole new level opens up and you start all over again! It’s like mountain climbing- you get to the peak of one and immediately find there’s a higher one you want to test you skills against.

Anyhow, I want to share somethings that help me answer this question, that keep me moving in the direction of the “higher calling” for which I have been put on earth:

1. Being authentic: you are a designer original. There is only one you! No body else on earth can take your “own” place. However, you only contribute to the world in an outstanding way when you bring the real you to the table. The way you think, the way you view problems and their solutions, your gifts and expressions of them are uniquely yours. Run your own race. Don’t imitate another’s – you can learn from them but your race is uniquely yours. Enjoy the things you like, be yourself without conforming to everyone else’s opinion.

2. Clear clutter: you can’t be authentic when you don’t even know you. Sometimes you need to sit down and clear your head of what mama said, what uncle and aunt said. What the bullies told you in school, what the magazines say. You need to walk through the debris and say “who does God say I am”, “what do I add”, “what makes me feel good” “I am happiest when…” “I am at my best when…” “What would I like to be remembered for?” Answering those questions help you towards clarity.

3. Work your gifts: Your gifts are your tools towards achieving purpose. Why do I feel like I must write? Sometimes, I feel like I write whether I want to or not. Why do you feel compelled to build things? To draw? To direct affairs, to make a film? Why do people see dirt and you see a building, see potential… Some see fabric and you see an outfit. Your gifts make room for you- they are your vehicle to achieving purpose and are not limited- you use them in every circumstance and every sphere of influence you find yourself in.

4. Re-train your brain: start to think outside your box- whatever that box is. You are not limited by your circumstances or where you started from. The only thing that limits you is how far you are willing to think. In the timeless classic- As a man thinketh James Allen wrote “all that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts”. Think big and think in live

Technicolor, 3 dimensional detail. Think about possibilities and how to bring them to pass- every great thing that has been done, was once thought impossible until someone did it!

Find aids to help you think outside the box– read books. Travel to new places, have conversations with people outside your immediate circle, go to nice places that you’ll normally not feel comfortable going to. Try new things and new experiences. The aim of all this, is to stretch you so that you are continuously growing and becoming better!

5. START: develop a bias for action. Have a plan but don’t over think it! Put one foot in front of the other- most successful people have tried so many times and failed- think Thomas Edison and over 1000 attempts at creating the light bulb. Most entrepreneurs are serial entrepreneurs- you try, try again, until you get it right!

Okay, I have written more than I intended to today. I just really want you to excel at being you! We all lose something if you are less than you could be! I am hoping you step out and give you a chance to excel, to shine and be your very best this week! I see limitless possibilities in and through you, I see you fulfilled and working in purpose, don’t you? Be awesome this week!