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Hunger! Deep within!

Voids that cannot be filled!

Darkness, like ink

Staining, distorting, dis-colouring

Making everything like itself!


Every attempt to break free

Entangles all the more!

Soul ties, blood ties…

Memory ties- of lies that must be remembered-

To maintain the status quo!

All won’t let me go!

Gasping for air-

Drowning in the pool of anxiety

The pool of fear

The pool of cares!

Causes me to wonder

Where did the power go?

When did I start to think it was all me?

The Word of life

Now a book on the shelf!

Like I can thrive in God’s world

Without the God who made it all!

He spoke a word and the world was created

He didn’t speak another and it keeps creating!

Word of life!

Not a book on the shelf!

Word of life

My tool! My amour! My shield! My liberator!

Introducing me to the best of me

Because the best of me is You!

Word of life!

Activating my all!

Making me shine

Like the moon that borrows her light

She must know not to shun the sun!

Word of life

Help me remember!

Like my brother LeCrae said

I am just a trail of stardust

I point to the Superstar!

This happens to be my 100th post on my blog and I am so so glad it is this one! One hundred posts of original content! I make bold to say I could not have gotten this far by myself! The gift to write, is from God, the discipline to carve out time from what seems like a busy schedule is also a gift from God! People who come to your blog, read, leave comments because they think I have something to say, are also God’s gift to me for working the talent He has given me! I am really not trying to be humble, because I love you for reading my blog, I am telling you the truth! Grace, ability, adding the “super” to your natural comes from enjoying God and His presence while honoring His principles- excellence, hard work, passion, creativity! I feel so humbled! And it reminds me of something Max Lucado said “gradually, and gratefully, our big God changes us. We lust less, love more, lash out less, look heavenward more… We, who came to Christ as sinful, soiled and small, accomplish things! We build orphanages, lead companies… Why, we even write books. We don’t feel so small anymore. People talk to us like we are something special”, and yes we are but it’s not us, the gifts of God in us make us so!
Thank you so much for reading my blog and this post in particular! My joy in writing is much more, because you read! Please be excellent, be great! Do your best and then improve on that best! The world needs your own special flavour, that’s why no one else shares your finger or iris prints, you are uniquely you and you are here for a reason! Let the world be better because you are in it! Let people you do not know thank God you were born! Enjoy!