I’m high on pain
Needles in my head feels like it’s going to rain

Even my eyes don’t escape
Bearing the weight of my whole head-scape!
Eye lids feel like they are lifting 2 kg weights!
Movements I took for granted
Truly now complicated

I try to get up
I tell myself nothing is keeping me down
But alas under its weight I fall
Flat onto the couch that has been my all
In these two days of excruciating pain

Striking reminder that in Africa I am!
Striking reminder that I can surround myself with great comforts
But if I don’t care enough to bring home change
My home will change my state!

Even as I wallow in the self-pity that comes with pain
I remember all the African children who will not live to see 5
Let alone 33!

As I wallow in self-pity
I think,
I must play my part!
Buy a net, clean a gutter, clean the lagoons
Raise awareness!
We will kill the disease
Before it kills us all!

Lol! I am down with malaria! Because I must turn adversity to gain, I wrote a poem! Enjoy it and be well y’all! Please see where you can help, a great start point is the Against Malaria Foundation, please visit its site at, your change can save someone’s life! Thank you.