I sit and nurse my glass! Staring into the red liquid as though it holds the answers I seek! The Daily Prompt says to ask “is the glass half full or half empty?” And I wonder from whose perspective should the answer come? And more importantly when might I be asking, and why?

Because, see, my glass is always full in my view. If it looks half empty, it’s because I have drunk of it! Or maybe it’s just one of those drinks you don’t fill up your glass with- you know?!

But ask me on a different day, when I’m tired, hurt, depressed or even hungry, and my view changes! It becomes life saving elixir or just not enough… The glass and its contents tell me a different story- even while remaining the same…

So I wonder “half full or half empty?” And I ask- with which eyes do I see today? Do I see through my “I can do all things” eyes, my invincible eyes. Or is it my “all things work together for my good eyes”? Meaning half full or half empty, good or bad, it’ll turn out alright eyes? Or today, do I have my victim lens on? The ones made by the great designers Sarcastic & Cynicism (S & C)… Do I see through my “oh, crap! My past repeats itself” eyes?

Half full or half-empty! I’d say truly is a matter if choice! If life must happen, life must! How I interpret life’s happenings- it, doing its own thing, is up to me- and my interpretation either makes the portion of life allotted to me, sweet or bitter! Hopeful or hopeless! Half full or empty- the power is in my hands and do you know what? I ask myself further, what if the question is wrong? What if my choices don’t have to be half-empty or even half full? What if I re-set the question? Re-define the parameters and determine the rules by which I play this game of life? Because as a matter of conscious and intentional choice, I choose FULL TO OVERFLOWING! Ciao! Don’t forget to be awesome this week!