Sunset, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, Lagos 10.04.2013
Sunset, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, Lagos 10.04.2013

Traffic was at a standstill! I needed to get home, exercise, cook, read! There were so many things I knew I could be doing with my time other than being stuck on the road. Then I looked in my side mirror, saw the skies and took this photograph!

As I look at it now, a lot of things come to mind, you can see the traffic, you can see the seeming chaos and if you look closely enough, you can almost see the frustration in the mis-alignment of the cars. Someone is just looking for a little space, so he can cut in front of the other! As if to say, ‘you might be fine with the traffic but I’m not! Argggh!’ And that was exactly how I felt till I looked in my side mirror (can you see the car that’s actually doing that? LOL! We all have road rage, some act it out and some don’t).
But then I looked and saw the sky and wow! It caused me to stop! Stop the churning, stop the anger! Look again but with fresh eyes! The skies were putting up a show! The sun was setting and lighting up the sky as if in romance! Like a lover bringing out the best in the other… There was something going on there and it was beautiful, calming, poignant… you almost felt like you were peeking into eternity!
The traffic eased and I moved on, with totally different feelings than I started out with! I now felt gratitude! Like it was good to be alive! Like life is beautiful- if you look closely enough! And in that moment, I realized I had been taught another lesson on perspective. That the circumstances that surround me can be the same but how I react to them and what I see even in those circumstances is totally up to me. That I can constantly choose life or choose to see the things that deplete me, see how everything is against me, see the traffic and what it stops me from doing! And you know what? When I choose to see how my circumstances deprive me, the circumstances don’t necessarily change so I suffer 2 griefs! The circumstance itself and the way I feel about it. But when I look, or in this case, stumble on something to be grateful for, though the circumstances remain the same, my perspective totally changes and I’m able to enjoy, even luxuriate in what looks adverse!
I’m sure you catch my drift and I’m sure you’ve been in situations where you looked with different eyes and then seen differently! So please share some of them with me! Also, if you had to name this photograph (above), what would you call it and why? Ciao! Looking to hear from you!