Mrs Jumoke Adenowo and Pastor Tony & Nkoyo Rapu at the WOW DIVAS X-Factor event held at the Wheatbaker 23rd March 2013
Mrs Jumoke Adenowo and Pastor Tony & Nkoyo Rapu at the WOW DIVAS X-Factor event held at the Wheatbaker 23rd March 2013

At the WOW D.I.V.A.S Unleash the X-Factor event held yesterday, I had the privilege of listening to great inspirational speakers! I want to share very briefly what I got from some of the speakers starting with the phenomenal Jumoke Adenowo!

The highlight for me was when she said “you were a dream in God’s heart”! Isn’t that a sweet thought? And isn’t it beautiful and true? God said to Jeremiah, ‘before you were born, I fore-knew you and ordained you a prophet unto the nations’. It therefore means that God being all-knowing, knew that the “nations” would need a prophet and allowed Jeremiah to be born at just the right time to be the right age to speak to the nations when the need arose!

That sequence  then convinces me of my existence in the heart of God before my existence in time- a dream in God’s heart. That there was something I was put on earth to do, a solution that’s in me! it therefore means, that my purpose is not something I invent, it is something I discover. And how do I discover it? By communing with the One who purposed my purpose!

Flowing from that thought then, is the fact that God provides what you need for what He has called you for! It is therefore your responsibility to discover what you are here for and where you are meant to express what you are here to do. Here the example was powerful! Imagine that Abraham decided that Mount Moira wasn’t attractive enough, it wasn’t holy enough or it wasn’t cool enough and decided to go to Mount Sinai instead! Because when he was going up the mountain with Isaac, he didn’t know there would be a ram there, he just knew, he was going to sacrifice his son! So imagine that he went to a popular mountain, or a convenient one, or the one people said go to…

There would have been no sheep, he would have missed his place of provision and killed his son, killed his promise and his source of joy! It really struck me because I wonder how many times in my life I have acted according to what was convenient, what was popular and in so doing, gone the harder, longer way or missed it all together, instead of going where I knew in my heart of hearts was the right way to go!

Another thing I got away with which I thought was an absolute must share is- our gifts and talents are from God so He does not reward us for those talents. So, you are born with a good voice and the gift of singing; God gave you the voice so that alone, is not worthy of reward. What He rewards, is what you do, with that voice He gave you. Do you sing, do you train it, do you refine your gifts, how committed are you to them? Like the parable of Talents, the one who got 5 and doubled it, got the same blessing as the one who got 2 and doubled it, because it wasn’t in the number, it is in the level of diligence required to maximize what you have been given.

She ended on a note that has been my mantra- “run your own race“. If you understand your purpose and that you are a designer original, created by God because there was a flavour only you could add to the world, then your focus would be on being the best you, living your most authentic life and playing full out!

It was awesome and I thought it was too good not to share with you! But I leave you with a question ” are you living the dream for which you were created? Are you playing full out? If you died today, would you be able to say “you truly lived?” Think about it and do what is necessary to live the life you were created for!