Stilettos on!
Handbag in one hand
Baby in the other!
Oh, Kimora, what have you taught me?Pumping iron
Must get my lean on!
Baby or no!
Mum or no!
Full time job or no!
I must be at least a banker by day and barcadi by night
Oh! Cosmo, what have you taught me?

Meals on the table
Freshly cooked
And of course balanced;
Proteins here, very few carbs, salad on the side
Children clean
And very well mannered
Home impeccable
Smelling of cinnamon and freshly baked bread
After all this
I must be a vixen by night
Oh! Marriage, what do you ask of me?

Great at my job!
Work in the church!
Member of the PTA,
How else would I show I care?
On the Council board,
Because I must bring change
Too busy to sleep
Too tired to rest
Seemingly in control
But hopelessly out of it!
Oh life, what do you ask of me?