I ask no questions
I do not want to know
Where you’ve been
Or who you’ve been there with
I like my own realityI ask no questions
I don’t ask if you love me
I’m happy to just think you do
I don’t ask, will you be here when I wake?
I don’t want to hear your lies
Or worse still, your truths!

I ask no questions of you
But I’m full of questions to me
Why oh why,
Do I settle for less?
Why, oh, why?
Am I satisfied with your morsels
Giving ALL of me
But happy to take what little you give
Why do I take the little
When it’s not nicely presented…
Just thrown as though to a hungry dog

I ask no questions of you
The settling is in me
I will not answer the ones I ask myself
I swear, I do not want to know!