Once upon a time, we sowed and sowed
And all we had was buried in the ground
And it seemed like we did not have at all
That was the time of sowingOnce upon a time, after sowing and sowing
We waited and waited
And waited and waited
We watered, we tended
But there was nothing
The ground just looked cared for
But bore no other sign of our sowing

Once upon a time after sowing and sowing
We looked skywards
Understanding the limits
That we sow
But can’t make rain
That we can water
But only the One above causes the rain to fall
He watches when we sleep

Once upon a time
We sowed and sowed
And it seemed like we had nothing!
Even when we saw the first sign of crop
Though filled with gladness
The nothingness remained
For sowing does not yield harvest
No, not until growth takes place

Ha! But one day we woke up
And the field was White!
It was the day of the harvest
And we had in abundance
To sell, to keep and to give away
So now, when we tell the story of lack and struggle
It really seems so far, far away
And always starts and ends with
Once upon a time…