Red fiery flames
Dancing before my eyes
Alluring like a Bedouin belly dancer
In the crackle of the flames
I hear my name whispered
Ever so softly
Speaking to something hidden
Something I didn’t know was still there

Red fiery flames
Pull me closer
Bringing much needed heat
In this cold cold place
Great allure

Endless possibilities

The fiery flames
Warm in themselves 
Will boil water
Heat up a meal…
One answer to many questions

Red fiery flames
Attractive and “right”
I lean in all the more

Into its warmth!

The promise of its embrace 

But wait!

It threatens to burn
Welcoming & consuming all at once!

I pull away
Turn my back to the alluring heat
Turn my back to the promises it makes
Turn my back to those comforts it offers
And with slow determined steps
One foot, in front of the other
I walk away 

Realizing that those attractive alluring flames

Those flames that softly call

Will ultimately consume me