Ok, so the traffic showed me again today. So I respond; by blogging in pidgin. Here goes:
This afternoon I just say make I go the Cafe wey dey my office, na there the big big people dey go chop for afternoon. As I enter, everywhere dey quiet, the thing surprise me! I come dey wonder, den dey follow their self fight? I come see say all of them dey look their phone, “oh, na this blackberry wey den dey use.” 4 people siddon for table and four people dey look their blackberry, which kain tin oyibo come make like this, wey dey hook people. The one wey make me laff na say I see Bobo Nice and Bobo Handsome and Bobo Inogetmoney, them siddon for one table, everybody dey type on top their bb, na im all of them just start to dey laff, den shake hand “good one man” “cheers mate”, “I should forward that”, den come laugh again, na im everybody look down continue dey touch their bb! Den no talk again.
Na wa o! If no be craze be this…