I woke up today
With my fight in me
I woke up today
And thought, ‘bring it on’
I spoke to God my father and said;
Bring on adversity
Bring on pain
Bring on that circumstance
That should cause me to quake
Bring it on
If it glorifies Your name
And I will meet it with grace-
 That makes a “bad” situation enviable!
I will meet it with your word in me
With the peace that you have given me
I woke up today
And my fight arose too
I said to the devil my adversary
As with Job, you can touch my things
But not me- how powerless that must make you feel
As with Job
Though I may weep
I will wake up full of smiles
I said to him
The peace that I have surpasses understanding-
Human and yours
So your blows are futile
Like an angry child that hits his head on a rock
Ouch! The pain must be yours
For my pain will only show off the gain of Christ
Causing you to lose all the more
I woke up this morning
And laid my fight to rest
I said Lord, bring it on
And smiled
Because the battle is the Lord’s, you see
The Victory is mine
Every time I fight, it is fixed in my favour
And I got out of bed more than a conqueror
Thinking bring it on
Just glorify God through me!