Clashing and clanging

Noise, smoke, fog, grey

Vision impaired

Faculties disoriented

Cannot think

Let alone decide the way forward

Clashing and clanging


I’m covering my ears with my hands

Makes no difference

I remove my hands; it is still just as loud

I realize the noise is from within

Vision impaired

The way forward is unclear

Unsure how to go forward

Certain I don’t want to go back

But knowing that standing in the same place

Is going back


Don’t want to think

To confront myself

And see the truth within

I am afraid

That from my own can of worms

The worms will come out and eat me

To go forward or not

To live

To die or run away

Courage, cowardice

Must pay the price to live with me

The price of running instead of confronting

Is too high to pay

Clanging and clashing

Torrents and thunder

Noise, smoke, fog, grey

All have an end

But while embroiled within

Such reasoning escapes

So here I am, not able to see my way out

Unable to see a way out of not seeing my way

The voice of hope

Of God, drowned by the noise

And I wonder ‘will this pass’?

Will this pass?