Pamilerin always knew. She never let on. Like that time when he bought the Bvlgari box with the Omnia collection and the Corona pendant in 18k white gold with the ‘because you make me smile’ post-it. Soji never liked shops. He couldn’t stand it when they met or during their honeymoon or the last vacation in France.

She knew when he started using the key code on his BlackBerry and the time he could not turn up for Farouk’s school play because of the ‘silly people in Abuja who called an impromptu meeting’. She knew in the way you knew the legislators spent time doing a lot of nothing and there was nothing you could do about it.

Pamilerin knew Soji was seeing someone else. She even knew who someone was. Initially she had hoped it would go away. Sometimes she cried, sometimes, she worried. Most times, she ignored it.