One day, four beautiful ladies decided to write a story together. Four voices, four perspectives, one story; of womanhood, of beauty, of glory, of Africa; a story unlike any story ever told but still like others, for aren’t we all the same? All human, all wanting, all waiting, all expectant, maybe all a little afraid?

And fear comes in many flavours you know? Fear, today, is a good thing for me. I like this fear I am feeling. Cos it must be the kind of fear that divers feel before they take that leap off the cliff. Or maybe the way, race drivers feel before the rev the engine. Or maybe just the fear a woman feels as she is be wheeled into the labour room. Yes, its sort of like that. You are scared out of your mind about what you are about to do BUT you know deep down that you are about to ‘taste’ life in way not many people will be able to understand. So yes, we are the women, four women and this will be our story. Four of them, somehow linked. Somehow connected. Yet all the time, different. All the time, showing that if fears can be overcome, anything can happen……..