I am “un-oned”
The glue has worn off
The operation concluded
No longer Siamese
Where once, two became one
Now one is one and there is the other one

I am un-oned
Just yesterday it seems
When I thought there was no life without you
Just yesterday
You said the sunrise was most beautiful on my face
Just yesterday, the rush to become one

And one we did become
But what did we learn
That our one plus one that made one
Did not a happy one make
Together but alone
In our oneness two
I saw all that you were
And you saw all that I was
And we did not like what we saw
So brick by brick we built our walls

I am un-oned
And so are you
Our stand alone ones
May not much better fare
But being “oned”
And suffering rejection in the most intimate form
This I have learnt
That not every one plus one
Can one make
Indeed that has never made mathematical sense to me!