Taking the Journey from Good to Great! 

As an entrepreneur, it’s absolutely crucial to take time out to work ON your business, not just IN your business! The person that’s responsible for leadership, for seeding and driving the vision is YOU! Don’t spend all of your time doing what is urgent as opposed to what is absolutely important for long-term growth. Learn…

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Once Upon a Time in Guangzhou!!!

  Before I visited Guangzhou I’d heard so much about “her” (though for some reason I see Guangzhou as more of a “him”). Anyhow, I’d heard so much  about Guangzhou and a lot of what I’d heard was that the city was just functional! Expect no pleasure, expect no beauty, just market after market, work,…

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Sometimes… When it all feels too much, when it feels overwhelming, when every step forward feels like you are carrying weights made of stone… But you know you can’t standstill… Sometimes the weight is heavy, the world, on your strong capable shoulders. Yes, capable but not for carrying the world’s weight… Sometimes, I come to…

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I Choose To Be Different!

  Isn’t life amazing? Truly all of creation conspires to bring you whatever your predominant focus is! I just saw that demonstrated this morning. As is usual, I take out 30 minutes to an hour on Saturday morning to plan my week. As I mapped out my goals, set up a plan to make them…

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Smash that Alarm! 

  Smash that Alarm!   How many alarm clocks will I smash in this life time? Sigh! And why must they be so efficient anyway? Just when I get to the sweetest part of my sleep or my dream Or both! I hear the sounds, see the lights! Annoyingly enthusiastic in its mission to wake me…

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This Lagos Love

This Lagos Love What is this repeated request to love you? I pay the bills don’t I? If that’s not love what is? The summer vacations Your nice car & bags The kids go to great schools And you always look like a million bucks That sounds like love to me, babe! You want to…

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  My dear friend Tracy just turned 30. A few days before her birthday she said, “write me a letter on my birthday Haj, I want to hear from you!” I did! She has now asked that I share the letter with you all because she thinks it might benefit someone else, like my other…

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Stop Auditioning! Start Playing!

Stop auditioning for a role you already have! You are beautiful, just be! Accept yourself and let your unique light shine! No need to put on that attitude that detracts! You are able, you really can do hard things; just sit back, think through that challenging situation and come up with a plan, ask for…

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Where is the Life we have lost in living?

Hello you! It’s been awhile. How are you doing? I have missed talking to you. With the school holidays still on, it’s been a beautiful time of bonding with hubby and the kids and I have made a deliberate (albeit not too successful) effort to spend less time with my head stuck in a device.…

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I visited the Dubai Zoo recently! This photo and the brave smile was just that! I was scared... The lions were being fed as we were there... I kept imagining the news headlines! Anyhow, I took a selfie, you know what they say "if there is no selfie, it didn't happen"... Lol! Who says that.... Enjoy


  10 THINGS I KNOW TO BE TRUE! 1. That life is a gift and like any gift, it’ll be what you make of it! 2.  That circumstances are neutral, it’s how you interpret them and what you do with them that make them good or bad. 3. That the circumstance you think will kill…

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  MORE!  A Poem by Hajara Pitan    In the kiss of the morning sun In the hope that comes with each new day In the thrill of beginning In seeing beyond what is seen In a heart full of hope, desire and determination The sum of all that I see is You! And the…

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Speakers for the music loving dad's at Tes Amour

  A Prayer For Our Father’s

It’s been a busy week for us at Tes Amour, we have thoroughly enjoyed putting together your gift baskets for Father’s Day. It is an awesome privilege that people trust us to express love to their parents. There are people whose Dad’s and Mom’s I have taken gifts to every Father or Mother’s Day for…

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I Don’t Know This Me! 

  I DON’T KNOW THIS ME! I don’t know this me, but I’m really pleased to meet her! This me that buys celery, broccoli and asparagus. This me that buys them and actually eats them. This me that thinks about my food and wonders what it’ll do in and to my body before I eat…

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